Why theSimpleDJ?

We know theSimpleDJ is not for everybody!
We are a different type of DJ business.
Instead of trying to prove how important the DJ is, we want to put the focus back on you and your event.

We keep our prices low by
– Not advertising a lot
– Not subscribing to music services
– Relying on referrals
– Just keeping things simple!

Also, we embrace the idea of using your iPod to replace DJ.
You can even rent just our sound system.

As we studied the DJ Industry we found that many DJs are trying to build up their importance at an event,
so they can ensure business and justify their high prices. We don’t like that.
We believe it’s important to have quality music at your event… so that’s what we provide.


How is the music picked?

A big part of our “simple” philosophy is about you helping make the playlist for your event.
We believe that playing the music you love will raise the quality of your event

We do our best to help with the process!
– We give you a list with 200 of the most requested songs
– We provide recommendations for special songs (i.e. First Dance)
– We will spend as much time with you as needed to complete the playlist.
– We utilize iTunes to set-up your iMix (which can be viewed by all your friends)

Basically, we’re going to give you as much help as you need!


How do I reserve my date?

Dates are reserved once a contract is signed and the deposit is paid.  For the reception package, the deposit is $200.  For our iPod and Ceremony Packages, the deposit is $100.
If you’re interested in having theSimpleDJ provide music for your event Contact Us and we’ll set-up a meeting!


What are our payment options?

We do offer online payment (credit & debit accepted through PayPal)
You can also upload your completed contract & reception planner. Check out our submission page!


What do you wear?

It all depends on the event and your preference.
We know a lot of DJs boast about the whole tux thing @ Receptions, but here’s our thoughts on that…

The only people that wear a tux @ a wedding is the groomsmen. (sometimes)
The DJ is there to provide a service, just like the servers.
So why wear a tux? A tux should be reserved for the important people!

We typically wear dress pants w/ a dress shirt.


Are you “cheesy”?

Nope! We like to keep it classy.
– No jokes over the mic
– No dancing instructionals
– No props
– No sound effects


When do you arrive at my event?

We typically arrive about 1 to 2 hours before the scheduled start time.
This is to ensure everything it set-up and prepared for your event.

(Don’t worry you’re not charged for this time)


What kind of equipment do you use?

We use the best professional DJ equipment in the industry.  Our speakers are Mackie powered loudspeakers.  This technology allows us to bring smaller and lighter speakers to your event, without sacrificing quality.  We use Sennheiser wireless microphones, so that you have crystal clear sound for all your toasts and announcements.  And all of our music is digital on a laptop via a professional DJ program, so we can provide thousands of songs without bringing a ton of CDs to your event.

Can I add additional time to the package?

Yes! We’re always open to extending the time!
If you let us know in advance, it’s only $50 for each additional hour.
If you tell us the night of the Event, it’s going to $100 for each additional hour.


How did you get started?

In Danny’s own words…
“It all started when a friend asked me to DJ her wedding….
I instantly thought of a guy with greasy hair doing the chicken dance in a tux!

I told her I would do it if we could keep it simple….
– They picked the music
– I only used the mic for announcements
– The focus was on them – not me

The Reception turned out great! (and I started getting calls to do more)
So, I decided to start a DJ service with this “simple” philosophy.”


Where is theSimpleDJ?

theSimpleDJs are in both Indiana & Illinois.

Danny LaPlante (Owner) is located in Indianapolis, IN
Nathan Rausch is also located in Indianapolis, IN
Tony Waldron is located in South Bend, IN
Steven Boyett is located in Minooka, IL (right near Joliet)

*Depending on the location, we might have to charge a small fee for travel!


If you don’t see the answer to your question… please feel free to ask us directly.